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Yearly Archives: 2012

Joanna and Tony

What a gorgeous photo shoot I had with these two!  We had planned to spend most of the session at the lake on the

Mr. C.

Meet little Ciaran: Sweet, soft, squishy, sleepy, lovely newborn perfection. Did your heart just melt like mine

Cartwright Girls

I added it up, and for the fifth time this summer, I got to meet a childhood friend’s babies for the very first

Sneak Peak of the Cartwright Girls!

I cannot believe it’s already the last day of August!  The month passed in a blur of non-photography related

Baby Harper

First, I had a beautiful reunion with my childhood best friend, and was able to finally meet her two babies. Then, my

‘Lil Ricky

Taking a break in the editing to post one sweet shot from my Sunday evening with the entire Wilde family. Wandering a