When I think back on my childhood, to the years leading up to middle school, I think of:

lemonade stands, Kick the Can, Sardines, painting rocks, weaving friendship bracelets, creating “newscasts,” rollerskating, bike riding, jump roping, making May Day baskets, practicing casting fishing poles in the front yard, creating mudslides in the back yard, making forts in wheat fields in the summer, sledding through wheat fields in the winter, squeezing play-dough through garlic presses to create spaghetti dinners for dollhouse dolls, Skip-bo, Monopoly, Uno, back yard camping, secret clubs, acting out scenes from Dukes of Hazard, rigging wagons to bicycles for taxi rides, golden retrievers, cocker spaniels, and endless summers…

And every memory I have is connected to these two, my childhood best friend, and her little sister:

It had been way too many years since I had seen these two.  We had a few close calls over the years – one visited London not long after I moved back to the U.S., we missed each other by just one day one time in southern California…but this week their entire family came together for a reunion in north Idaho, and I was able to join them for an afternoon photo session.

I cried so many happy tears, and was mesmerized by their babies – the next generation.

Thank you to my Lee-dee, Lee-ping, Wildewoman for the beautiful afternoon!

Love always,

Sare-bear, Psoriasis, Wagonwoman  xoxo


*Little girls’ dresses by Pink Poppies Clothing