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Tomorrow is our big day, French Polynesian style!


I was so happy to have the chance to meet up with my old friends, Liz and Joseph, last weekend in California.  We met up for a family photos session on a cliff overlooking the beach just before sunset, when the soft California light was just about perfect, and it was an extra special reunion because they have become parents since the last time I saw them.  Their children are absolutely gorgeous (and sweet, and funny, and talented, and brilliant)!  And, oh my, little Emmalyn’s eyes:






More to come of this sweet family!


What a gorgeous photo shoot I had with these two!  We had planned to spend most of the session at the lake on the docks, but since the light wasn’t cooperating we headed down the road to a forested area near the wheat field and spread out on a little dirt path.  I feel like I’m always saying this, but I love that in the right light, even the most ordinary location can transform into a setting that is so cozy and charming that sparse, skinny pine trees become whisper soft.

Check out these little love birds!


Meet little Ciaran:

Sweet, soft, squishy, sleepy, lovely newborn perfection.

Did your heart just melt like mine did?