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I just love when I get to photograph my friends, and even more so when they’re families come along, too!  My sweet friend Evy, of Makeup by Evelyn Mauro, brought all of her boys to my house for a lifestyle family photo session last month, and we had a great time watching the boys play with trucks in the dirt and blow bubbles by the lake.

This session was even more special, because we scheduled some time for Evy and her husband, Pat, to be alone in front of the lens.  They didn’t have engagement photos taken before they were married, so we made sure to capture a few shots of just the two of them as a keepsake.  Evy even added a special touch to the images by wearing the same necklace she wore when she married Pat.  So sweet!

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Laura + Harper

Earlier this month, my extremely talented sister-in-law graduated with her doctorate from the University of Utah, and my husband and I drove to Salt Lake City to help celebrate her achievement.  I knew we would pass through Bozeman on our way home, so I set up a photo shoot with little Harper and her mama, Laura, just in time for Harper’s 2nd birthday coming up in June.

It’s hard to believe I’ve been photographing this little beauty since before she was even born, and now she is a sweet little almost-two-year-old who loves to play peekaboo and explore the great outdoors!

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